New Video + Lyrics: "Rockin' Chair"

New video up on the old interwebs, produced largely in the van cruising from one gig to another. Thanks to Andraly at Sandy Beach Farm for the farm fun, to David Jacquet for the translation into French (pourquoi pas?), to Bethany Hayes-Chute for the live show footage from New Years Eve at Port City Music Hall and to Live Syphon for the Continental Club footage. Cheers guys, hope you enjoy!

"Rockin' Chair" Lyrics (by Luke Mallett):

You can take my songs, and I dont care.
You can take my house, leave my rockin chair.
You can take this shirt, right off my back.
Believe my joy, I keep hold of that.
I keep my joy, keep my joy. I keep my joy, I keep my joy. Go, Go.
Somebody I dont know he takes all my pay,
after all the hours I done slaved away.
'Bout to change my direction, damned if I stay.
I lace up my boots, pack up my joy and be on my way
yea and I'll take my joy, take my joy.
Take my joy, take my joy. I'll be takin that with me.
There's a hidden road, goes straight on through
Lighten up your load, n take off your jewels.
Take a little bit of smoke, and lay down your booze.
Come sooner or later, you gonna have to choose.
I choose my joy, I choose my joy. I choose my joy, I choose my joy. Choose my joy.