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  • Nov 14

    Putnam Den

    Saratoga Springs

  • Nov 21

    Dover Brick House


  • Nov 22

    Moose Alley


  • Dec 4

    Atwood's Tavern


  • Dec 31

    The Rack - Sugarloaf Mountain




We're coming back to Texas this month!

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"When we first listen to a band, our brain reflexively logs them under the most fitting genre masthead, waiting for the next time your itch for “noise-core goth rock” needs to be scratched. Rare are the bands that challenge the inexorable classification by playing whatever the hell they want. Take a gamble to overthrow the whole system by listening to New England’s wildly eclectic crew of genre rebels, The Mallett Brothers Band...." - Texas Hill Country Explore 


"Makes you want to scream at people to make them aware of the awesomeness that they are more than likely missing." - No Depression

"A six-piece living inferno." - Dispatch Magazine

"I guarantee you a kick-ass time, a hangover, and a crush that won't quit." - Deli Magazine 




   The Mallett Brothers Band, "Take It Slow"



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