MAINE'S THE MALLETT BROTHERS BAND IS A NATIONALLY TOURING COUNTRY ROCK AND ROLL / AMERICANA BAND. "Lights along the river," their most recent release, was named the "best album of 2015" by


The Mallett Brothers Band is an original band from Maine. With a unique style that spans across country, rock and roll, Americana and alternative country, the band has grown a dedicated fan base across the country since releasing their debut record in 2009. With the release of their fourth studio album, "Lights Along the River," the band continues its rigorous touring schedule (playing upwards of 150 shows a year across the country), and its mission of sending genuine, heartfelt and independent music out into the world.

Over the last 7 years, The Mallett Brothers Band's busy tour schedule has helped them to build a die-hard fanbase across the U.S. while still calling the state of Maine their home. With a style that can ranges from alt-country to Americana, country, jam and roots rock, theirs is a musical melting pot that's influenced equally by the singer/songwriter tradition as by harder rock, classic country and psychedelic sounds. It's song-driven music that holds up under the lens of solitary listening, but that's equally apt to crank a room full of rockers into whiskey-fueled high gear. Led by brothers Luke and Will Mallett, the band includes Adam Cogswell on drums, Nick Leen on bass, Wally on dobro and electric guitar, and Andrew Martelle on fiddle and mandolin.

The Mallett Brothers Band has shared the stage with acts ranging from The Allman Brothers Band to Charlie Daniels, The Josh Abbot Band to The Rustic Overtones, Blackberry Smoke to Toby Keith; Charlie Robison, The Turnpike Troubadours, Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special and a host of other fine and talented folks. Their touring circuit is vast, stretching from the Appalachian to the Rocky Mountains; from the Canadian to the Mexican border, and has included performances in such esteemed venues as Austin, Texas's Continental Club; Alexandria, Virginia's Birchmere; Portland, Maine's State Theatre; Gifford, New Hampshire's Meadowbrook Pavilion; Bangor, Maine's Waterfront Pavilion; Nashville's Bluebird; and festivals across the eastern part of the continent (most recently at this year's FloydFest in Virginia's beautiful mountain country). 

“Lights Along The River,” the band's most recent release, was recorded in a remote, boat-access-only location in northern Maine. Many of the songs came out of the touring life - gifts of the road - while many also came from the remote and cold places the band calls home. 

The Mallett Brothers Band includes:

Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar / Luke Mallett
Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar / Will Mallett
Vocals, Guitar & Dobro / Wally
Drums / Adam Cogswell
Bass / Nick Leen
Fiddle, Mando / Andrew Martelle

Press Quotes

"When we first listen to a band, our brain reflexively logs them under the most fitting genre masthead, waiting for the next time your itch for “noise-core goth rock” needs to be scratched. Rare are the bands that challenge the inexorable classification by playing whatever the hell they want. Take a gamble to overthrow the whole system by listening to New England’s wildly eclectic crew of genre rebels, The Mallett Brothers Band." -Texas Hill Country Explore

"I’ve been waiting for an album like this for years." -

"This band projects a self-assuredness that's infectious in a world where it's becoming harder and harder to find things that are real and genuine."

- Sam Pfeifle (Portland Phoenix)

"It’s like William Faulkner has been resurrected with an electric guitar in hand."

- Bill Copeland Music News