Sam Pfeifle's Top Albums of 2011 List

"Low Down" made Sam Pfeifle's list of the Top Local Albums of 2011 in the Portland Phoenix this year. Sam's a great dude and one of the best music writers in town, so we're honored to be on the list. (He also hooked up a great review of Low Down when it came out in October). 

There are a bunch of fantastic other albums on the list, and we're honored to be in their company. We won't name them all but Paranoid Social Club's Axis IV rule, Sunset Hearts kill it, Spose's Preposterously Dank is, well, preposterously dank, the dudes in Whitcomb are some of our good buds and they slay everything, Joe Walsh is one of the best musicians in the state; you get the picture. We recommend checking out all the albums on the list if you haven't yet given them a listen. 

Off to Sugarloaf tomorrow, Rangeley on Friday and Saturday at Moose Alley and back in Portland for New Year's Eve. Hopefully see you this week!