Album release on April 27 and other big news for April!

Hey so we've got the new album mastered, it's called "Land," and we're gonna be celebrating its release on April 27th at the Asylum in Portland. Joining us will be our good friends from upstate New York, Eastbound Jesus, and we're very excited. It's our first hometown show since our unplugged set at St. Lawrence Arts back in December and we can't wait to see all of our friends. We're also psyched to finally get this album out to you guys, it's been a long time in the works and we hope you dig it.

We've also got some other cool stuff coming up this month. For example, this Friday we're down at the Ocean Mist in Rhode Island and then up in Bangor at the Civic Center on Saturday. Next weekend we get to spend a weekend raising hell and maybe climbing some mountains up in Rangeley... life is good.

On April 20th though is another show which will be a real treat. We'll be sharing the stage with David Mallett -- the man, the myth, the phenomenal musical talent, the Spartan conversationalist, the kick ass dad -- up in Rockland at the Strand Theatre. It's the day before his birthday and it's the first time we've officially shared the stage since... since I think the Chocolate Church in Bath back in 2009. Been a while.

So get your tickets (cd release hereshow with my dad here), come out and hang, let's all celebrate mud season together.