Help The Mallett Brothers Band Make Our Third Record!

We'll be recording our third record with Jon Wyman at Halo Studio here in Maine. We couldn't be more pumped. We've recorded and mastered two tracks so far, but we still have a ways to go (If you haven't seen our most recent video for "Little Bit of Mud," check it out

But, as fun as recording in an amazing studio with an incredible producer/engineer is, it costs a little dough. Since we operate independently without any label or corporate support, we're asking YOU, our fans, to help us get this thing done. In return for your pledges, you'll be compensated generously with one of a bunch of cool "exclusives" we have going on over there - anything from a signed copy of the new CD when it comes out, to us coming to your house and cooking you dinner. Etc, etc. Could get crazy in here. 

Anyway, head on over and check out our Pledge page, watch the little video that the amazing Maine videographer Jason Bosch so graciously whipped up for us, and help us out if you can swing it!

Cheers, everybody. Now time to blow this continental-breakfast-stand and head up to Saranac Lake!