Fall Update - Boats, Lakes, Tours, Young Matt, Etc.

We've had a slammin' fall and things are goin' good. Big thanks to everyone out there for showing support, listening to our tunes, coming out to shows and keeping this train rolling. We wanted to fill everyone in on a couple new developments that we're particularly excited about... 

1) New album is on the way. 

We recorded our latest record (our 4th) at the beginning of October in a remote location way up in the woods of Maine. It was at a boat-access-only camp and we had to haul about 5 party-barge loads worth of recording equipment in before we could start. Unnecessary, most definitely, but we had such a good time and think the good vibes, the seclusion, and all the other perks of doing a record that way really came out in the songs, and we can't wait to get 'em out to you. We haven't set a release date yet but we're in the finishing touches stage and should have this thing out in the next few months. Stay tuned.... 

2) Welcome aboard, Matt Mills!

Since the congenial departure of Mr. Nate Soule this past summer we've been playing mostly as a 5-piece, but you may have caught a young dude playing with us out on the road shredding on electric, banjo, pedal steel or some combo of all of those. His name is Matt, and we're truly psyched to be bringing him on board. His current place of residence is Nashville, Tennessee so he hasn't been able to make it to every gig right away, but you can expect to be seeing a lot more of him in the future. 

Why would a band from Maine hire a guitar player from Tennessee, you ask? Well, that is a good question and it's a long story. But... we figure it's practical because he delivers the goods, and sentimental because check this out: 

That's Matt with the mullet in the middle. Basically, we've known this guy since the day he was born and he's been like a brother ever since. When a spot opened up in the band, and with the amount of time we're spending out on the road these days away from the Northeast, we figured we could make it work. That and a bunch of twists of fate that led us to all look at each other and say yeah, he's our dude.

We did bring him up north for the record and he's got his fingerprints all over the thing, so stay tuned to hear what we've all been cookin' up.  

Quick PSA: Matt is still technically in the "hazing" period and try as we might we don't think we've been giving him enough hell, so if you see him, by all means, bust his chops. 

3) Gigs, gigs and more gigs.

We've had an absolute blast out on the road this fall. New England, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and wherever else we've gone we've had the good fortune of being treated like family wherever we wind up, and we can't thank all you guys enough. We're pumped to get back out on the road again in support of this new record that's on the way, and we'll be seeing all you guys soon we're sure. 

In the mean time we'll be pretty local through New Year's, with stops in northern Maine, upstate New York, Massachusetts and a big party on January 3rd at Port City Music Hall in our home town of Portland which should be one for the books. 

Thanks again to all you guys and make sure you come out and see us soon. Until then, cheers..