Upcoming Shows, New Merch, New Videos and Whatnot!

Lots of good stuff been goin' on around here lately. Luke's back from a trip out west with the fam, Wally and Will have been busy at Wally's studio helping our buddy Joel Thetford out with his debut EP (which will be out soon, check it out!), Nick moved to an 18th century cabin on a lake up north and we haven't heard from him for the last few days, and Brian's been hard at work growing his beard out.

But! Relevant stuff too, had some really really amazing shows the past few weeks. We also decided it would be fun to grab a GoPro video camera to bring out on the road with us and see what happens... It's been a treat, and we got a couple pretty rad videos out of the NY/MA/CT trip the other weekend, with some help from our buddy Emerson who actually has some video experience. (Disclaimer, nothin' fancy in these videos, not much dough invested, not a ton of experience here, just straight up road life being hacked together for the pure fun of it.)

Here's the latest, check 'em out:

People have been seeming to dig these road videos so far so we'll probably keep 'em comin your way! A lot of fun shows in the next few months so we should have some pretty goofy stuff on the way. 

One more thing - a bunch of new merch on the way, and we decided to get a little experimental this round. Have some new camo hats that look like they came from a yardsale in the 70's, have a cool new spin on an old logo currently getting turned into a patch that we may also throw on some random cool things we find out in the world. Stickers, new coozies, and a bunch of new sweet stuff on the way so keep an eye out for that, and we'l be sure to let you all know on social media and all that when we get some new stuff up on the online store. 

Many thanks for the continued support, folks. Gonna be a great summer, catch us this weekend on Friday at the Bethel Moose Lottery Festival or Sunday at Ken Bell's new place HOME in the Old Port for the Portland Old Port Festival; other dates up on the tour page!