Pre-Order "The Falling of the Pine: Songs From the Maine Woods"

We're stoked as all get-out to announce that we will be releasing a new record this February. "The Falling of the Pine: Songs from the Maine Woods" has been a labor of love that we've worked on for close to two years, and we're psyched for you guys to hear it.

Between now and February we're offering pre-orders of the CD to help cover some of the cost of duplication; if you're interested, it would be wicked helpful for us and will guarantee that you have a disc in hand at the soonest possible date! 

Thanks in advance, fellas and gals, we really appreciate the opportunity to have made this record and we really hope ya dig.

Here's a little preview video explaining the project:

Here's an in-studio acoustic version of one of the tunes, "Ye Roaring Falls at Kingsey": 

Here's a brief description of the project in prose:

The Mallett Brothers Band’s 5th studio album, “The Falling of the Pine: Songs from the Maine Woods,” celebrates the history of the band’s home state by reinterpreting a collection of songs found in the 1927 book, “Minstrelsy of Maine.” It’s a concept album that began two years ago when Will pulled the dusty old book off the shelf at the family homestead in Sebec, kicking off a labor of love that has kept the band busy since. Recorded at the band’s Portland studio, the album cloaks these historic songs in a modern folk-country-rock aesthetic, with the simple goal of paying tribute to the men and women who penned the lyrics (one song was allegedly written by a young man waiting to die after he had been crushed by a load of logs), and the folklorists Fannie Hardy Eckstorm and Mary Winslow Smyth, whose efforts to preserve these songs for the next generation provided the impetus for the project. “The Falling of the Pine” will be released in February, 2017.