TMBB with Jon Fishman at the Union Fair

On July 25, 2017 we were playing a Phish pre-party at American Beauty around the corner from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Our next stop was Philadelphia the next night, we wrapped our set up around 4:00 PM and had nowhere to be. So when a family member of one of the members of Phish offered us free tickets to that night's installment of the Baker's Dozen MSG residency, we were psyched. Once in a lifetime opportunity. We went, we had a ball, Phish destroyed, every one of the 21,000 people in there danced the whole show and continued to dance as the crowd poured out onto the New York city streets afterwards. Glorious.

A few short weeks and some psychedelic contortions of fate later, we're at the Union Fair in Union, Maine for a last-minute, spontaneous show; and Jon Fishman has offered to fill in on drums for Chuck who had given his solemn vow to our good friend Eric Bettencourt that yes, he was free and available; no, we definitely had no Mallett Brothers Band gig that night; and yes, he could play drums with him at the Portland Lobster Company. A good man, that Chuck; a man of his word. 

Anyway, we're at the Union Fair in beautiful Knox County, Maine; the ferris wheel is illuminated, the fireworks are ready to blow; Fishman has learned a full set of our original material including some unreleased tracks that we had to send to him on Dropbox at midnight the prior night when this whole wheel got set in motion, and we're having a grand old time with one of the great rock and roll drummers.

Here's our closer, a 17-minute version of Headed Home (the video is on Facebook, click the link to check it out).

Needless to say, we can't thank Jon enough. A big shout-out as well to all the folks at the Union Fair; Pete Nenortas for capturing the magic on video; Scott Mohler for shooting some photos; Threshers Brewing, who provided the libations; the clam shack next to the stage who provided the fuel; Necessary Music Productions for tying up loose ends and setting up the last-minute green room tent; and everyone who came out to enjoy a Classic Maine Night at the Fair and show support - much love. Here are a few photos of the night: