New Video + Lyrics - "Long Black Braid"

We're thrilled to release this fresh video for "Long Black Braid," which was animated by our good friend Hanji Chang of O'Chang Comics. She did a wonderful job. Check it out:



"Long Black Braid," by The Mallett Brothers Band

She had a long black braid
I was making up stories while she poured my whiskey straight
She said you ain't going to surprise me, everybody in here’s just the same
I drank away my money and I let her keep the change
With that long black braid, never got her name

She had a long black braid
She was riding on a Triumph Bonneville from 1978
The wind was blowing at our backs while she was blowing my doors off
Must have been doin about 109
With that long black braid trailing straight behind

Ain’t my style, ain’t my kind, little too bad and I walk another line
but that long black braid hanging down her spine it reminds me of some other life
Black tattoos and the old cracked leather and a beat up hat with an old crow feather and the silver skulls and turquoise rings and the darkest eyes, she’s a dangerous thing

She had a long black braid
Laying by the campfire and dying from that bullet hole that Army man had put in her leg
Said this new world just ain’t our world
Gonna have to change or die

Go on and make your own decisions cause I’ve made mine
With that long black braid
Then she closed her eyes