2012 Portland Phoenix Best Music Awards: Thank You.


We'd like to thank everyone who voted for us for any of the awards in the 2012 Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll. We walked away this year with awards for Best Local Act, Best Album, Best Live Act, Best Roots Act and Best Song. We were nominated for two of those and won the other three as write-ins, so it was a pretty huge surprise to us and we're pleased as a pickle. 

We'd also like to congratulate all of the other musicians involved in this event, which more than anything is just a great opportunity for musicians in Portland and beyond to get together, drink beers, watch some good music and have a good time. There's a ton of crazy talent in this city, and in this state, and it's great to be reminded once in a while how great the scene is around here.

Anyway, whoever of you out there voted for us for any of this stuff, thank you. And anybody who took the time to vote for somebody else, thank you too. And to all the musicians who make living in this city a damn good time 7 nights a week, thank you too. And Asylum and the Portland Phoenix and everybody else who supports music in this state, respect.

Now, off to New Hampshire to play a gig. Peace, dudes and dudettes.